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Our Work

Capital Investment Opportunities

We are very proud to have created opportunities for many investors around the country. Our boutique firm allows savvy individuals to achieve custom solutions with professional advice.  Whether you have identified your own project, or simply seek a return on capital and don't know where to place it, we can help.  New partnerships, joint ventures, and exploring win-wins are what we love to do! Give one of us a call and let's grab lunch!

Re-Hab Partners

In addition to re-habs from single family starter homes, to multi-unit apartment buildings that have been completed with our investment partners, we would love to have you join our ever growing list of outside re-hab partners so you can benefit from the absolutely amazing teams that are the heart of Incor Management Services.

Real Property / Home Inspection Services

Quality and efficiency is at the heart of our values.  We currently have two qualified home inspectors on staff, full time, to accommodate the unique, and often "one-off" custom needs of our clients and partners. If you are in need of decades of experience in the trades, the most valuable inspection reporting in the industry, and unequalled customer service, call Alison and she will ensure that your inspection needs are met immediately!

Specialty Service Partners

securityescrowsolutions.com  SES - A full service escrow company.

Assetenvironmental.services  AES - A certified decontamination specialist group handling inspection and remediation for mold, meth, and other environmental issues.

environmentalsolutionsmanagement.com   ESM - A specialized medical sanitation firm creating clean, virus and bacteria free living spaces.

About Us

Our staff

With over 20 years of current market experience, our team members, construction pros, and support staff make renovation and rehab a cinch. From inspections to complete project management, environmental compliance to basic advice and brainstorming, Incor Management is the support that you need to succeed.

Our history

Incor was launched in 1998 with one simple premise.  Instead of a single transaction for a single customer, what would happen if we built a firm based on long term investor/client relationships?

The result is the most competitively priced, exceptionally staffed team, creating the most valuable private real estate service firm in Utah.  For full time investors and flippers, we're a dream come true.

Our mission

"By continuing to put each and every clients' needs above ours, we will remain the most valuable construction, consulting and Home Inspection firm for you as we provide expert advice and sincerity to help you grow and diversify your real estate portfolio."

Professional Services

Private Placements

I have been truly amazed and humbled by the opportunities that I have had over the years to produce profit with so many different people. The relationships that have been built become so important to every one involved. The complete trust and faith in our clients, and their trust and belief in our proven systems have been very amazing! The friendships that have been built with our PPM program has allowed me to really know our clients and their families. These opportunities have been absolutely priceless.

Chase Cornia

Founder - IMS

Professional Re-Hab

After more than two decades in the "flipping" industry, and countless unique deals under our belts, one thing has become clear to all of us here at Incor Management; It is the relationship that matters, the sincerity of actually building a friendship with our clients is the first step to success. Knowing the team that is working on your re-hab, seeing the pride in them when they know that all of their hard work has paid off, and sharing in the satisfaction that our families have come together and produced another successful project...these are the Incor teams. Stop by and visit with them anytime, they love to share their passion!

Property Inspections

Decades of experience in the trades, extreme attention to detail, pride in understanding the needs of our clients, flexibility and desire to please...coupled with Licensure from the State DEQ, DAQ, EPA, and HUD...These are just a few of the reasons that our inspection team is the absolute best in the industry! From home inspections, meth, LBP hazard assessments, mold and air quality testing, rest assured that we will take care of your investments for years to come. Whether this is your first home purchase, or your next multi-family property, the IMS Inspection team is the exact team that you need! 

Let's do lunch

If you or a friend need a home inspection, a re-hab on a new flip, an LBP hazard assessment, construction on a multi unit apartment complex, escrow contract servicing, or you just want to sit and visit about ideas, thoughts, or possibly teaming up on a project, just give us a call and lets go "grab some lunch"! It's on us!

Client Testimonials

"I've worked with Incor for over ten years, every transaction has been exactly square and all the guys have great communication habits" Chris R. - Idaho

"Every time I do a deal with Incor it is profitable and smooth. These guys know how to make work fun!" Robert F. - Orange, CA.

"As a long time investor of the company, I wouldn't trust my RE projects to anyone else."  - Ben G. - Utah

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